• trial balance export to excel formmating issue

    As of 3/15/17 when I download a trial balance to excel the account numbers are a text format instead of general or number format.  This makes us add processes to change these account numbers to a general or number format so we can use these in formulas.  This was not an issue prior to this week the extended trial balance still downloads to excel in a general or number format.  Please have this corrected.

  • RE: GL Module Update Bugs

    Also several bugs when uploading journal entries

    the amount you are debiting or crediting can not have any commas or $ or it will not upload format in excell must be general,

    Once uploaded it does not show in Open entries you must click on view posted entries then go back to open to see the uploaded entries

    Then to post you have to exit the AccKnowledge then re-enter the AccKnowlege to post these entries very time consuming and frustrating.