• RE: Import/Export Utility Invoices

    Hi Josh,

    We have also created a case for you on this question; at this time, there is not the ability to import as a specific type. It will default to Regular. We do have this as an Enhancement Request for our Import/Export Utility when we start working on upgrading this specific module to include the option of selecting what type of Payment method you would like to use. 

    Thank you,
    M3 Support

  • RE: Fix P&L Formula

    Hello Jennifer, 

    There a few different reasons that a Percentage Formula may be incorrect on your finanical. I have created a case for you and a technician will reach out today. I have attached a general handout that goes through the process of creating a % Calculation in a financial, in the event that you should need this in the future.

  • M3 - Group Webinars

    M3 is offering FREE Group Webinars for the following areas:

    • PMS Data Integration (Best Practices)
    • Time Management Overview (What does Time Management have to offer you?)
    • Time Management Labor Management (What is Labor Management and how can it help you control your labor?)


    If you are interested in signing up for any of these areas, please find the links below that are arranged by the Subject Matter and the Schedule Time. (When clicking on the scheduled time of your choice, you will be directed to a different website so that you can sign up for the Webinar selected).



    • Time Management Overview (What does Time Management have to offer you?)
    • Time Management Labor Management (What is Labor Management and how can it help you control your labor?)

  • Citrix Receiver Download

    Here is a link to install the Citrix Receiver for use of Accounting Core.


    M3 Support


  • Transition from InnQuire

    Please log in and explore M3 Link Lite if you currently depend on InnQuire for your reporting needs. InnQuire is tracking toward retirement on October 1 of this year so please don’t delay.

     The new link for reporting is www.M3Link.com (please refer to the training materials mentioned below)

    M3 Link Lite DOES NOT replace any reporting in AccKnowledge it is a replacement tool for InnQuire. If you DO NOT use InnQuire you can disregard this message.


    We have posted a training video you can review as well as the user guide on our portal at help.m3as.com. To View the video log into the portal and select the Video section (view videos). From there on the right hand side menu (In This Section) select the M3 Link Lite option. For the user guide select Documentation (view Documentation) from the home page. From the left side menu select M3 Link Lite Manual.

  • RE: Daily Report

    Hello Phil, 

    There is not a direct import function that would allow a user to import daily report data, however, an additional service that is offered is PMS Mapping, to where your PMS system sends M3 a file and the data is populated into the daily report. If this is something that you are interested in pursuing, please create a case https://help.m3as.com/helpdesk and a member of our PMS team will contact you and assist further. 


    Thank you, 



  • RE: Document Imaging Viewing Issue


    Based on the behavior you mentioned, the invoice(s) were most likely entered at the Company Level (LLC), this means that you will not see the invoices at the property level.

    I have created a case for this item, an AccKnowledge technician will reach out to you as soon as they are available to do so.  In the future, the best way to receive assistance on any issues is to submit a case from this website under the Help Desk option or to email the support issue to techsupport@m3as.com


    Thank you, 


  • RE: Bug fixes

    Hi, Ben!  We have tried to reply individually to every user that reported a problem.  Please email techsupport@m3as.com if you did not receive the information needed and we will be happy to assist.

  • RE: GL Module Update Bugs

    Hi, everyone.  M3 has diligently worked to resolve all known issues.  If you had opened a case to report details, the support team will verify each as resolved, then individually notify the customers that reported.  The overall improvements made should address most of the concerns listed above.  A final release is currently scheduled to be delivered next Friday, August 19th after 10pm EST during our normal monthly maintenance.  We will be sending out a list of all things being addressed in this release via email to system administrators we have on file.  If you have not yet received confirmation that your issue has been addressed, please email techsupport@m3as.com to verify resolution.  Thank you for the continued feedback and patience and we work to improve your product experience.

  • RE: PTD/YTD Variance as a percentage

    Yes!  There is a specific Special Column named Variance %.  When you add to the report, it will ask you to define the variance.