• RE: Changing Accounting Cycles to long term existing companies

    Hello Randi Sue,

    I have consulted with our Training Department to see if they would have any other suggestions, once I have heard back from them, I will contact you via email.

  • RE: Check without invoice

    Hello Tino,


    The system does require a posted invoice, in order to print a check. As a security feature, our system does not allow blank checks to be printed.



    Best Regards, 


    M3 Support Manager

  • RE: ACH

    Hello Tino,

    The only way to mark a invoice paid by using a date in the past is using the manual payment option in the AP Module. The Manual Payment option will look at the Due on Date of the invoice to assign the Paid on Date. The manual payment option will force you to use a check number, please DO NOT make the check number higher then the number that prompts, otherwise this will disrupt your check number sequence. 

    If you have any question on creating/applying manual payments, please let me  know and I will have a member of the support team reach out to assist. 

  • RE: Budget

    Hello Tino, 

    At the present time our system does not support the ability to add a comment to budget line items. The best suggestion I could make at this moment would be to export the budget to excel and make any notes needed in corresponding column. I will pass along your idea for a comments section to our team that reviews enhancement requests. 


    Thank You,


    M3 Support Manager

  • RE: How do I setup an electronic signature in Accounting Core?

    Hello Courtney,

    Yes, each of the control mentioned above are still valid. No additional functionality or enhancements have been added into the system. If you are looking for an additional control to restrict un-authorized payments, the only other suggestion that I could make would be to use the payment approval process. 

    Please let me know if you would like to learn more about this and I will have a technician reach out to provide feedback on how this function works. 

  • RE: uncashed checks

    Hello Tino, 

    The only way to access a list of Uncleared Checks would be through the most recent Cash Management Reconciliation. Please use these steps to access a report that will provide outstanding checks:

    • From the Company (LLC) Level; Go to Maintenance>>Cash Management>>Reconciliation
    • Select the Bank Reconciliation of your choice (the most recent will be the default option)
    • Click Print>>Statement
    • Select the Option for Outstanding Check and then click Print

    If you have any trouble with the process outlined, please let me know and I will have myself or a member of the support team follow-up by phone. 


  • RE: Budget import - fixed percent type

    Hello Lexi, 


    Please keep in mind that the Fixed Percentage option, as well as any percentage option in the budget, relies on the selection of at least 1 or more budget line items, so that the calculation can be completed successfully. At the present time our importing system does not have the logic or capability to import this type of calculation. I can make a couple of suggestion as work arounds:

    • The percentage calculations can be completed in an outside program such as excel and then the amounts can be imported using the By Period Option
    • If the calculation exist in a prior year you can copy the budget from a prior year, lock the line items (Type and Values) that used the Fixed Percentage Calculation, and then import the remaining items that are unlocked. This method does require that the percentage calculations are set-up manually 1 time with-in the application, however if the percentage amount are consistent from year to year this will help prevent reassigning the line items associated to the percentage. 

    If our support team or myself can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know. 


    Michael Cheesman

    Support Manager

  • RE: Changing Accounting Cycles to long term existing companies

    Hello Randi Sue, 

    From a Support prospective, we do have customers that ask about this from time to time. In the event that you need to preserve the data is the period that it occurred, for tax reasons, you may want to consider creating a new company. 

    In order to "transfer" the information, you can export the journal entries via the Import/Export Utility (Export Tab) Change the Company and Property ID to the "New" company and then re-import via the Import/Export Utility (Import Tab). If you would like more details please feel free to open a case with our support team and we will assist further. 

  • RE: bank check setup

    Hello Kristen, 

    I have created a case for the request above, a member of the support will be reaching out shortly. 


    Best Regards, 


    M3 Support

  • RE: Deleting Old Companies

    Hello Christian, 

    At the present time there is not a way to remove companies/properties from the database that contains any type of history (Journal Entry, Invoice, Daily Report). Here are 2 options for you to consider:

    • Option #1: Adjust the All Access group in User Manager and remove the companies/properties that are no longer being used. Also ensure that each is not part of your current access group, under your username in User Manager
    • Option #2: Request a Copy of your database and then from the copy, the unneeded properties can be removed. This option would incur a $500 Charge.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know and I can create a case for you.