June 2019 FREE Group Webinars

M3 will be hosting Group Webinars, free of charge, June 17th thru 21st. The following areas will be covered:

  • Time Management Timesheets (Overview of editing timesheets and adding earn (pay) codes)
  • General Ledger (How to use the General Ledger - Enterprise Level)
  • Accounting Core Exporting (What can be exported and how)
  • Accounts Payable (How to use Document Imaging)
  • Check Writer (How to use Check Writer at All Levels)
  • Time Management Schedules (How to enter schedules, time clock restrictions, holidays, and set up notifications.)
  • Financial Wizard Running Reports (How to run reports, run consolidated reports, save reports etc)
  • PMS Data Integration (Best Practices)
  • Overview of Insight
  • Help Center (Registration / Navigation /How to use help.m3as.com)

Click HERE to sign up for the webinar topic(s) of your choice.