M3 Accounting Core: New IRS form 1099 NEC for Fiscal Year 2020

To all M3 customers,

M3 is aware of the new IRS 1099-NEC form replacing the 1099-Misc Box 7.   We are working on incorporating this new setting into Accounting Core prior to Fiscal Year 2021: 1099 printing season. Further information on the form itself can be found on the IRS.gov website.

In the coming months M3 Marketing will be communicating the status and important information concerning the 1099-NEC implementation.  During the month of December watch for a Webinar to go over the 1099-NEC form in relation to Accounting Core implementation.

If there are any questions on 1099-NEC please contact Technical Support via a case here at the Help Center.

Thank you,

Technical Support.