September 2021 Free Group Webinars

M3 offers free monthly group webinars. Please continue reading for details.

M3 offers free monthly group webinars. The schedule for September is:

  • Budget / Forecast (How to use the Budget / Forecast modules in AC)
  • Tax Setup (Use, GST, VAT, Sales, WH)
  • Insight Tips and Tricks - for Viewers
  • Insight Demo - for Accounting Core Users
  • Insight Forecast Dashboard - for Designers
  • The Ins and Outs of 3rd Party Integrations and PMS Expectations
  • Timesheets: How to edit timesheets to resolve exceptions and add earn codes
  • Accounting Core: Release 5.4 new feature set discussion
  • Budget Season 2022:  Steps to prepare and complete the budget 
  • Time Management Schedules
  • To sign up click here.