• Hilton/OnQ Processing Issues

    M3 is aware that Hilton properties are experiencing OnQ PMS Processing issues/delays caused by an issue on the Hilton side. To get your data into Accounting Core, we suggest manually extracting the data file (in XML format) from OnQ and emailing to your PMS email inbox which should be your 3-letter code @m3link.net. Example: abc@m3link.net. You will need to utilize this subject line exactly for it to process: Operation Audit - Revenue Extract - Date of 6/16/2021 12:00:00 AM

    You can also CC: techsupport@m3as.com and we can verify the file is received and processed. 

    Thank you and we appreciate your patience as we try to get these processed as quickly as possible as this Hilton issue seems to have affected most all properties utilizing OnQ. You may also reach out to Hilton/OnQ support to see if they can work towards troubleshooting why the emails/files are not being sent to M3 at the indicated time in the feed.

    Thank you,
    M3 Support


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  • M3 Monthly System Maintenance Friday 11pm-Saturday 7am EST

    REGULAR MONTHLY SYSTEM MAINTENANCE - Friday 6/18 11pm - Saturday 6/19 7am EST   

    M3 will be conducting our regularly scheduled monthly System Maintenance. All M3 sites and applications will be unavailable from 11 p.m. EST until Saturday morning at 7 a.m. EST. While we have taken every precaution to minimize complications during this event, with any maintenance event there exists a certain amount of risk. M3 is committed to providing the highest possible level of service and we strive to increase client satisfaction and productivity via our proactive notification of our customers.

    Please notify your users of this scheduled system downtime. 

    Thank you,
    M3 Support

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  • June 2021 Free Group Webinars

    M3 offers free monthly group webinars. Please continue reading for details.

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  • Insight BI Release 2021.6.1


    Release 2021.6.1 brings Lazy Load Dashboards! 

    New Features! 

    Lazy Loading Dashboards 

    Lazy Loading Dshboards enables Insight viewers performance boost and faster loading time. 

    How it works: 

    • Lazy Loading recognizes which widget(s) are currently visible on the screen and then prevent all the non-visible widgets from sending out their queries to the cube until they become visible 

    • The functionality significantly reduces the time for the user to start using the dashboard and no longer requires all widgets to finish up loading before the user can start using the dashboard. 

    • User experience is much smoother when navigating multiple widgets or navigating between dashboards. 

    • User also have the ability to preload all widgets by selecting the dashboard settings and by choosing “Preload All Widgets” 

    Graphical user interface, application

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    Note: All widgets must be loaded before a user can export all tables to excel when Lazy Loading Dashboards is enabled. 

  • Insight Release 5.5.5


    Release 5.5.5 brings updated labor dashboards and bug fixes. 

    New Features!

    Updated Labor Dashboard Templates

    With this release the Labor Dashboard Templates have been corrected to work with the current cube configuration. Dashboard designers can now use these templates without the need to edit them.

    Bug Fixes

    Comments: GL Item detail is not appearing on theUI and the GL info doesn't save from the Add Comment side sheet

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  • Insight BI Release 2021.5.11


    Release 2021.5.11 brings Export to Excel plugin and performance improvements.

    New Features!

    Export to Excel Plugin

    Insight users now have the ability to export all tables to one Excel file with one click.  Click on vertical ellipses to bring up dashboard settings and choose Export to Excel.

    Performance and Stability Improvements

    We have improved performance and stability by optimizing server configurations. Insight users will now experience better overall experience when accessing dashboards.

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  • M3 Accounting Core: May 18th Accounting Core Release 5.2

    Greetings M3 Customers,

    We are pleased to announce the upcoming release to production of Accounting Core 5.2.   Our marketing team has provided to System Administrator the release notes however if these were not received our technical support team would be happy to provide them via a case submission here on the Help Center.

    The release is schedule to begin at 9 PM Eastern and last for approximately two hours.  We wanted to share a few of the changes to the Accounting Core application.

    • Modules: Check Writer will be renamed to Payment Wizard.   With the advent of multiple process to pay vendor invoices, ePay, Check, ACH, VCC, CSI the terminology aligns with the over all functionality.  This naming convention has already been completed within the module.
    • Import/Export Utility:  Will be updated to XLSX (excel) formatting.   We have produced a Webinar that can be found on the M3 Help Center, and Tech Support will conduct another free webinar on Monday, May 17, 2021 at 9 AM Eastern. Please feel free to sign up to go over the changes.

    Thank you,
    M3 Technical Support

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  • Accounting Core : Import/Export Utility: Ending support for XLS formatted templates and imports : Release DATE Tuesday, May 18, 2021 (9 PM Eastern)

    Dear M3 Customers,

    Microsoft has ended support for the excel XLS format.  M3 will be removing and ending the ability to import the MS Excel XLS format.  The current supported version of excel XLSX format is available.  We would recommend reviewing your current M3 Import Export Utility templates and update any XLS formatted templates ahead of the scheduled mid-May  release.  During this anticipated release date the excel XLS templates and ability to import will be removed.

    If there are any questions please either contact Tech Support or their will be a free webinar on May 17, 2021 feel free to sign up here at the Help Center.

    M3 Support

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  • Need a new Podcast?? Check out M3 Minutes!

    Are you looking for a new podcast? Would you like to learn more about how to use M3 or some of the cool things M3 is doing? Check out our new podcast, M3 Minutes! Click HERE to access our latest podcasts. 

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  • Happy New Year! Accounting Core Reminders

    YEAR END HINTS: OPEN Fiscal Year 2021

    As of 1/1/21, in AP, Check Writer, GL, and Cash Mgt, to see entries from 2020, use the + sign within the Accounting Core Module (above Arrow of Scroll Bar on Right Hand Side of the Screen --- Immediately above where Data would List - Underneath Chart of Account button, except for in Check Writer).

    1099/1096-M3 does not support printing on the Pressure Seal 1099 Format or the NCR Formatted 1099. Please reach out to Support with any questions.

    Thank you,
    M3 Support

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