M3 is upgrading our Citrix Platform to the Cloud! We began migrating users in early November to a new Citrix Cloud environment that ensures our customers have some of the latest security features and high availability. Some of the benefits of moving to the cloud are additional encryption to keep your information safe, ability to access M3 Applications from any modern internet browser, and more supportability to ensure uptime. Over the remainder of this month, M3 will be reaching out to your organization and also updating this message to inform you of when you will be accessing the new login page https://cloud.m3as.com.

Starting today, Tuesday, 1/17/23, the final migration is beginning. Any users whose usernames start with a R-Z and have not already moved to the new site will be accessing the new site to launch Accounting Core. https://cloud.m3as.com

On Wednesday, 1/25/23, the existing login page will not allow for users to launch Accounting Core. Please start using the new site as soon as possible (https://cloud.m3as.com).

Thank you for being an M3 customer and allowing us to continue to deliver enhanced products.