Release 2022.05.10 contains new features to the Date Dim Table which will give the customers a lot more flexibility and ways to view their existing data, as well as a highly requested feature to have 2019 data available to compare pre-Covid Numbers to today. This release contains a few additions to the Labor Tables that add key items that will allow customers to filter by salaried or hourly employees, and a minor fix which adds Other Earnings to the cube which shows additional labor earnings like Holiday and PTO pay.

New Features!

Compare 2019 Data!
  • Users now have access to 5 full years of data (2017 – Current) for Daily Report, General Ledger, and Budget Data allowing you to compare to 2019!
  • If you want to compare current data to 2019 data customers can use the Prev() function in Insight.


View by Days of the Week
  • We’ve added a new dimension call DayofWeek to the Date Dim Table
  • Users can now view and sort by the day of the week
Example: Customers can perform comparisons from Monday in 2022 to Monday in 2021

View by Day of Week Type
  • We’ve added a new dimension called DayofWeekType to the Date Dim Table
  • Users will now be able compare Weekend data to Weekday data
    • Weekday = Sunday through Thursday
    • Weekend = Friday and Saturday
Example: Customers Can compare Weekends of 2022 to Weekends in 2021

Added Past Day, Past Month, and Past Year Flags
  • Added isPastDay, isPastMonth, isPastYear to the Date Dim Table allowing you to create formulas where you can view data like Actuals for past dates and Forecast for current and future dates.
Ex. A Line chart that uses Actuals to yesterday (PastDay = 1), and Forecast data for future days today and beyond (PastDay = 0)

View and Filter by Employee Type (Hourly/Salary)
  • Added new field to Labor Dim Employee Table called EmployeeType
  • TM uses Clock in Method to differentiate Salary vs Hourly employees
Example: Allows Users to sort employee by Hourly and Salaried

Added Labor Other Earnings to the Cube
  • Added Column Other Earnings to the Labor Fact Timesheet Data Table
  • Holiday, PTO, Vacation, and others are stored in the DB under column Other Earnings
  • Cube now accurately shows all types of earnings from employees
Example: New Years Day