M3’s January Insight Release includes a new Budget & Forecast feature, new dashboard templates and bug fixes. 

New Improved Mobile Experience

Customer’s Mobile GM Dashboard data will now instantly update when BI dashboards do. Previously there was a delay in syncing the data between the GM dashboard and the BI dashboards
There are no new instructions to use this feature. Simply continue to use the mobile app as you always have.
How to download the Insight Mobile App
Download the M3 Insight iOS or Android app for free. Your current Insight login will work for the mobile app, with no additional costs.

Forecast Management: Accuracy Schedules

Authorized users can now set up Accuracy Snapshot schedules on the new Forecast Management page.
How to Create and Assign a Schedule
Ensure that the user’s role has the Privilege “Forecast - Configuration Admin”

1. Open the Budget & Forecast module and click “ Forecast Configuration”

2. The Forecast Accuracy Page will open. The box on the left will show any accuracy schedules you currently have configured. The box on the right will show which schedules are applied to which properties.

3. Too create a new scheule click the “Add Schedule” button on the left box. The schedule options box will open

4. Use the dropdown to select the frequency that your accuracy snapshot will be taken. Either Every Period or Weekly. Then select either the day number of the period or day of the week your accuracy snapshots will be taken on.
Example A: an accuracy snapshot will be taken on the 1st day of every fiscal period.
Example B: An accuracy snapshot will be taken every Sunday each week.
5. Click apply to save the schedule

6. Click the arrow next to the schedule to assign it to properties

7. Select the properties you wish to assign the schedule to and click the green checkmark to assign.
How to remove or edit existing schedules
  • Delete an existing schedule by clicking the trashcan icon next to the schedule. This will delete and remove the schedule from all properties.
  • Edit an existing schedule by clicking the pencil icon  next to the schedule.
  • To remove a schedule from properties without deleting it click the x next to the schedule on the property you wish to remove it from. 

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard Bug :PMS Values on Insight Do Not Match PMS Values in DatabaseBF: Change password page does not work