New Features! 

Table with Aggregation Widget 

The Aggregated Table widget extends the functionality of the Table widget by supporting aggregation across the whole table. This widget allows you to sort the rows based on the lowest granularity across the entire table. This behavior is different from the regular table widget which groups the data, and supports sorting the rows inside each group, but not across the whole table.  

Enhancements when using Table with Aggregation Widget 

  • Infinite scroll 

  • Set column widths  

  • Word wrap cells 

  • Freeze first row 

Limitations with Aggregation Widget 

  • Export to PDF only shows 1 page  

  • No export to Excel  

  • Only export to CSV  

  • No drill option  

  • No jump to dashboard 


Fixed Production Bugs 

  • 364124: Export to Excel does nothing after button press.