• RE: Intercompany AP


  • Intercompany AP

    Does anyone know where I can find any videos or documentation on how to get this setup?  

  • Intercompany Journal Entries

    I'm trying to get an idea of how other people do their intercompany JEs.  Currently we're doing them at the Enterprise level like below,

    Co 1          Cash                                   (X)

    Co 1          Due from Co 2          X

    Co 2          Cash                         X

    Co 2          Due to Co 1                        (X)


    What would be really helpful is if the Due to/froms automatically posted and all we'd have to do is credit cash on Co1, debit cash on Co 2, and the system would automatically post these due to/from.  Has anyone come up with an easier way to handle this?  Would anyone like this functionality as well?  Maybe we can get M3 to move this to a top priority.