• Performance Issues for Accounting Core and Time Management

    We are aware of several issues that have affected the performance to both Accounting Core and Time Management. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We continue to fully troubleshoot the matter. This is not a result of last Thursday's Accounting Core release. 

    Thank you,
    M3 Support

  • M3 Monthly System Maintenance Friday 11pm - Saturday 6am EST (6/21-6/22)

    REGULAR MONTHLY SYSTEM MAINTENANCE - Friday, 6/21/19 11pm - Saturday, 6/22/19 6am

    Every 3rd Friday of the month, there is a regularly scheduled M3 System Maintenance. All M3 sites and applications will be unavailable from 11pm EST until Saturday morning at 6am EST. Please notify your users of this downtime. 

    Thank you,
    M3 Support

  • Accounting Core Patch Release 4.5.1 Documentation

    M3 Accounting Core Patch Release:

    For the complete release notes associated to this release, please access this link (you must be logged into the M3 Help Center, in order to access the link below):


  • June 2019 FREE Group Webinars

    M3 will be hosting Group Webinars, free of charge, June 17th thru 21st. The following areas will be covered:

    • Time Management Timesheets (Overview of editing timesheets and adding earn (pay) codes)
    • General Ledger (How to use the General Ledger - Enterprise Level)
    • Accounting Core Exporting (What can be exported and how)
    • Accounts Payable (How to use Document Imaging)
    • Check Writer (How to use Check Writer at All Levels)
    • Time Management Schedules (How to enter schedules, time clock restrictions, holidays, and set up notifications.)
    • Financial Wizard Running Reports (How to run reports, run consolidated reports, save reports etc)
    • PMS Data Integration (Best Practices)
    • Overview of Insight
    • Help Center (Registration / Navigation /How to use help.m3as.com)

    Click HERE to sign up for the webinar topic(s) of your choice. 

  • AC Release Note: Invoice Importing

    The updated Version of Accounting Core requires users to use an updated version of the Invoice Import Template. This new template can be downloaded from within the Import Export Utility, after selecting the Invoice Import Excel Option or by clicking HERE. The "old" template will not work and will prompt an error if used. 

  • Accounting Core Release 4.5

    M3 is happy to announce the latest release of Accounting Core, version 4.5

    This release has enhanced our Use Tax Module, renamed to be Tax Setup, this updated module include additional Tax Options (Sales, VAT, GST, Vendor Withholding)

    Additional items related to this release is the enhancement of the invoice importing process, as well as Scheduled Reports. Please click HERE to download a copy of the release notes for version 4.5 

    Also, as part of this release the Invoice Import Template used via the Import/Export Utility has been updated. Please download the updated form HERE. (The "old" template is no longer valid and this will prompt an error during import.)

  • Scheduled Reports Module now available in Accounting Core! See Details inside

    Please open this Post to read more!!

    Download Scheduled Reports Training Documentation CLICK HERE

    Watch the Scheduled Reports Training Webinar CLICK HERE

  • M3 Launches new Business Intelligence Platform: Insight!

    Ask about taking back your time, today! Please contact your Salesperson to schedule a demo.

  • New Year Tips for Accounting Core!

    As of 1/1/19, in the following modules, the entries for 2018 will not show up by default. You will have to select the + option to display previous year's entries/data. 
    Accounts Payable
    Check Writer
    General Ledger
    Cash Management

    If you receive an error message stating there is no Fiscal Year defined, please reach out to your Management Company's Corporate office or your designated "System Administrator". They will be able to assist in adding the year 2019 and opening the GL/AP periods.

  • Accounting Core Release Notes Version

    The latest version of Accounting Core was released @ 10pm on 12/17

    The following are some key features that have been included in this release:

    • Ability to Run A General Ledger Report and then navigate to another Module, while the report is open
    • New Report Available in the Daily Report Module: PMS Exception Report
      • This report will provide a list of Mapping Codes that have been sent to M3 with Data, but are not included in the mapping setup area
    • Payment Approval Filter
      • A Payment Approval Filter has been added to the AP Batch Invoice Report

    The Release Notes for this release can be downloaded by clicking HERE