• Microsoft ends support for Windows OS 7 on January 14th, 2020, M3/Accounting Core to follow suit on April 1, 2020

    • Microsoft will be ending support/security updates for their Windows 7 Operating System on January 14th, 2020.  It is not M3’s practice to allow access via unsupported operating systems. In harmony with Microsoft’s decision, M3 will follow suit.  On April 1st, 2020, M3 Accounting Core users who are still using Windows 7 will be unable to access the platform.  Please consider updating your operating system to Windows 10 prior to that time to insure continued access to Accounting Core.
    • This means after January 14, 2020 Microsoft will not be providing security updates or supporting any updates to Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system, which could ultimately put your computer at risk.
    • Due to Microsoft Windows 7 ending support January 14, 2020; on April 1, 2020 M3 customers whose computers are still utilizing Microsoft Windows 7 will be blocked from accessing clientportal.m3as.com and Accounting Core. 
    • Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and no longer permitted to access Accounting Core. We suggest using Chrome or Firefox if on Windows 7 for the remainder of time in which Windows 7 is still being supported.
    • Our goal is to provide a reasonable amount of  time between Microsoft ending support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020 and M3’s blocking access to clientportal.m3as.com and Accounting Core on April 1, 2020.  Please update your Microsoft Windows 7 operating system to a supported version such as Microsoft Windows 10 prior to April 1, 2020.
    • If your organization has any questions please contact Tech Support by way of a case at help.m3as.com or call 770.297.3347.
  • PMS Processing Issue affecting data delivery since Saturday 1/18

    If your property/properties have not received data in the Daily Report for dates since 1/17, please submit a case or email techsupport@m3as.com. Please provide your full M3 username and our Support team will work to resolve as quickly as possible.

    Thank you,
    M3 Support

  • Jan 2020 FREE Group Webinars

    M3 will be hosting Group Webinars, free of charge, Jan 20th thru 24th. The following areas will be covered:

    • Hilton Database Maintenance
    • PMS Data Integration (Best Practices)
    • Accounts Payable (Transitioning to AC New Hotel - Input/Manage Prior Aging)
    • 1096/1099 Process (How to Print 1096 and 1099)
    • Accounts Payable (How to use Account Payable Module - Part 1 Enter Vendor/Invoice & Navigation)
    • Time Management Labor Management (What is Labor Management and how can it help you control your labor?)
    • Accounts Payable (How to use Account Payable Module - Part 2 Import Vendors/Invoice & Review Reports)
    • Year End Best Practices (Closing the year 2019)
    • Time Management Tablet Overview and Biometrics (Are you fully utilizing your tablet?)
    • Accounts Payable (How to use Document Imaging)
    • Overview of Insight
    • Time Management Schedules


    Click HERE to sign up for the webinar topic(s) of your choice. 

  • Accounting Core: Import/Export Utility: 2019 1099 Vendor Payment Export : AS of 1/10/2020 Issue has been corrected : Please rerun your exports

    M3 Customers:  

    As of January 10, 2020 we have corrected the issue with the Import/Export Module EXPORT of the 2019 1099 Vendor Payment Export:  We recommend re-exporting your 1099 information to ensure 1099 accuracy.  

    Original Message Below: No longer an issue.

    We have found an issue with the Import/Export Utility Export: 2019 1099 Vendor Payment Export produces incorrect data for your 1099 printing. At this time we have two solutions for your 1099 needs.

    • Use the Maintenance : Form 1099 to export by company.  Verified accurate
    • We have an internal process to produce your 1099 information, to request this please create a case in Help desk requesting M3 to generate the 1099 report. 

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience in this matter.

    M3 Technical Support

  • Hilton Chart of Accounts / Mapping Changes

    M3 hosted two Group Webinars this week to provide information on the Hilton chart of accounts/mapping changes taking place on January 1, 2020. These webinars were intended for all Hilton users who have properties that are mapped in M3. As preparing for January 1, 2020 will require action from our customers, we have posted a recorded session below and we strongly recommend that if you were unable to attend one of the live sessions you take the time to view the recording. 


    Please download the attached handout:


    Hilton Changes Webinar





  • Insight : M3 Global Dashboards Update

    In response to feedback we have received from many of our Insight customers, M3 has made the decision to remove all M3 Global Dashboards from Insight on January 10, 2020! Customers are still able to access the M3 Global Dashboards on the M3 Help Portal and import them into Insight as desired; if you would like to do so, please click HERE to download directions

  • Happy New Year! Accounting Core Reminders

    We Wish our M3 customers a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 

    YEAR END HINTS: OPEN Fiscal Year 2020

    As of 1/1/20, in AP, Check Writer, GL, and Cash Mgt, to see entries from 2019, use the + sign within the Accounting Core Module (above Arrow of Scroll Bar on Right Hand Side of the Screen --- Immediately above where Data would List - Underneath Chart of Account button, except for in Check Writer).

    1099/1096-M3 does not support printing on the Pressure Seal 1099 Format or the NCR Formatted 1099. Please reach out to Support with any questions.

    Thank you,
    M3 Support

  • iOS Catalina version 10.15 Issues

    Description of Problem:

    1. Customer has upgraded their MAC to the newest version of iOS (Catalina) v10.15


    1. Cannot create folders on the root drive.
    2. iOS version does not support 32-bit applications any longer. i.e. Citrix Receiver


    ***Please be aware that even though Accounting Core will run on iOS version 10.15 (Catalina), you will no longer be able to import, export, or upload due to security changes implemented by Apple prohibiting access to the hard drive. Below you will find some solutions that M3 has seen success with when used; however by using one of these options you will be put in a non-supported situation by M3 on your MAC computer.

    1. The enterprise path will need to be changed to a path that the MAC user can access.For example, a network drive.
    2. If the user chooses they may use a version of a Windows Parallel program, which is a program that is installed on the MAC that runs Windows as a program on top of the MAC operating system.Then set up the folder path in the Windows Parallel.
    3. The last option is to downgrade to the version High Sierra iOS version 10.13.


    • There may be changes coming as M3 learns more about this iOS version and how to overcome the current challenges.
  • Accounting Core Release : Tuesday October 22 2019 was successful!

    M3 is pleased to announce we will had an Accounting Core Release on the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 22. Please access the following URL to review the release notes to see what all is included in this release:


    M3 Tech Support Teaser:

    1 – Enterprise Level :  Ever wish your organization could have more than one bank account?? Starting Wednesday Oct 23, Multi Bank accounts will be available.

    2 –  Accounts Payable: Pre Payment - With this feature M3 customers will now be able to realize payments across accounting periods.

    Thank you,

    M3 Support



  • M3 Accounting Core Citrix Supportability Notice