• Fintech Alcohol Invoices

    Wondering if anyone has an automated process for getting invoices from Fintech into M3 for image capture.
  • PMS Mapping - Group Segments w/ Fosse

    I am in the process of remapping our Marriott properties to provide a better breakdown of room revenues. I am mapping all of the Transient segments using the DS## codes, but I do not see any options to breakout the Group revenues between Corporate, Asso/Conv., Government, SMERF, Tour/Wholesale to align with USALI. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
  • RE: Monthly Net Change by Account Number

    If you would like to see multiple months within one of your layouts, make sure the column you insert into your layout is Variable (Special) and also add the Account Number column to the layout. For an operating statement, you will have to run at the property level for the GL codes to be included in the report generated.
  • RE: Trailing 12 Income Statement

    When selecting column, choose Special>Variable. Then change the mode to Column Attributes, change the Type  to Mixed and check to Include Total Column. This will allow you to look back at just actual and look forward pulling from the three (Actual, Budget, Forecast) sections of the database for forecasting if you would like.
  • RE: Journal Entry Import Excel Format

    This should be the best thing to provide Paylocity for the formatting of the upload. I believe Paylocity already has some of their clients that work with M3 as well and may already have the template information in their reporting tool. 
  • RE: Payroll

    Can the resolution be shared? We also do a mass JE upload for our group and would prefer for the information to show within the CM module.
  • RE: Drill Down for JEID Supporting Documents

    I can't log into the site to submit. 

  • Bank Reconciliation Cleared Items Template

    Wondering if anyone has used this import template for their bank reconciliations. We are just implementing the CM module and the team is not happy with the manual process as compared to being able to upload from the prior system.