• Great working Scanner

    For anyone frustrated with their current scanner, I would suggest trying the Plustek SmartOffice PS 186. I purchased this scanner on Amazon at a great price, about 2 months ago. I have ZERO complaints about this scanner, and I think M3 should add it to the preferred scanner list. What I like most is that Im no longer getting those extra blank pages in my scans. Nor am I having to change the orientation as this scanner does it all for me.
    No problems with it not picking up the pages either! I have recommended it to all our Gm's if they are looking for a replacement.
    I hope anyone that is totally frustrated with the scanner they are using now. This one is compact too so it takes up less desk space. A real winner in my book.
    If you have any questions please respond here, I will be glad to answer any question that I can.
    Patty Welch
    True North Hotel Group
  • RE: Best Approved Scanner

    For Everyone sick of there Epson or Kodak scanners I found a great little scanner that really works with M3 accounting Core, AND its only $200.
    I found it on Amazon and its called Plustek Smartoffice PS 186 . Its 25ppm/50 ipm gray 200 dpi.  I love it. It gets rid of all those empty pages and it orients the page correctly so you dont have to before saving.
    As I said I love mine and have recommended it to All our Gm's. Im going to find out how to get it on M3's preffered scanner list.
    Hope this helps anyone that is frustrated with the high cost scanners that simply are frustrating to use.
    Patty Welch
    True North Hotel Group
  • RE: Apply a check payment to a/p credit

    You can do it through AP by going to the vendor and creating an entry for the amount of the check but instead of using your expense GL code you would use your cash account. Then write a check against the credit transaction and the new entry  you made to zero out. Or you can wait until you have more bills and just include both transactions on that check. 

  • ConTrac Module and how to use it

    Does anyone have any experience using the ConTrac module inside Accounting Core? I am most interested in setting it up to track the entire construction of a new hotel up to and including all preopening supplies. If you use it and have any advice or would want to share any setup tips, that would be excellent!

    Thank you,

    Patty Welch,

    True North Hotel Group Inc.