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  • Intercompany Functionality: Known Issues and Workarounds


    We would like to take a moment to thank our Intercompany users for the feedback provided on this new feature. It is great to see this new functionality being put to use. Please find the 2 items below, each has been identified as an issue within the system, and each item does have a workaround provided. We do expect that these items will be fixed in a future release. 


    Intercompany Invoices with the same Invoice Number Posted at the same time will merge under 1 vendor, in the Receiving Entity.

    Option #1: Assign Unique Invoice Numbers for Intercompany Invoices (Preferred)

    Option #2: Post Intercompany Invoices on an individual basis, as soon as they are created.


    An on-demand check that pays a non-Intercompany Invoice and a Intercompany invoice does not make the correct journal entry (It only Debits Intercompany and Credits Cash, instead of Debiting I/C and AP and Crediting Cash).

    Option #1: Use the Batch Payment Option to pay a vendor that had a check cut for an AP and Intercompany Invoice (Preferred)

    Option #2: Create a Manual Journal entry and Credit Intercompany/Debit A/P Trade for the Total amount of Non-Intercompany Invoices that were paid

  • April 2018 FREE Group Webinars

    M3 will be hosting Group Webinars, free of charge, April 16th thru 20th. The following areas will be covered

    • Accounts Payable (Transitioning to AC New Hotel - Input/Manage Prior Aging)
    • Accounts Payable (How to use Account Payable Module - Part 1 Enter Vendor/Invoice & Navigation)
    • Accounts Payable (How to use Account Payable Module - Part 2 Import Vendors/Invoice & Review Reports)
    • Accounts Payable Use Tax (How to setup and use Use Tax)
    • Accounts Payable (How to use Document Imaging)
    • Financial Designer (How to add a line item into the GL/Financial Designer)
    • General Ledger (How to use the General Ledger Module - Comp/Prop Level)
    • General Ledger (Journal Entry Importing)
    • General Ledger (How to use the General Ledger - Enterprise Level)
    • Accounting Core (Available Data Export Options)
    • Check Writer (How to use Check Writer at All Levels)
    • ConTrack (How to Setup/Use ConTrack)
    • InterCompany (How to setup and use InterCompany - New Feature)
    • Daily Report (How to setup for Multiple Bank Accounts - New Feature)
    • Daily Report Maintenance (How to modify layout/make corrections/double checking guest ledger/DR clearing account)
    • Month End Suggestions (How to close periods, Ledger Tie, A/P Tie, Missing images etc)
    • Operations Management Mobile App Overview
    • Time Management Overview (What does Time Management have to offer you?)
    • Time Management Labor Management (What is Labor Management and how can it help you control your labor?)
    • PMS Data Integration (Overview)

    If you are interested in attending please click HERE to view the schedule of topics being covered.

  • Accounting Core Patch Release Tuesday, March 27th 10pm

    Accounting Core Patch Release Tuesday, March 27th 10pm-1am EDT. Please click on Continue Reading below to view more details regarding the release. 

  • Citrix Update - Please do not update to Citrix Receiver version 4.11

    Citrix Receiver has a new version and you may be prompted to update to it. Please do not do so as this Receiver version has compatibility issues with Accounting Core. If you have installed this version, you can uninstall this from your Add or Remove Programs, then go to https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-receiver/legacy-receiver-for-windows/ and choose either version 4.10.1 or 4.3.100.

    To turn off the update notifications, please follow the link below: