Posted Thu, 17 Mar 2016 17:43:44 GMT by Samuel Piazza Millcraft Hospitality Account Manager

Good morning.

I currently am having a problem mapping revenue from Hilton OnQ information to M3.  

I really am not having a problem in the mapping process I am having a problem communicating with Hilton and our Project Manager who works at Hilton's Global Implementation & Change Management Group.

Here is my issue.  On our outlet posting screen we have Breakfast Revenue, Breakfast Covers, Lunch Covers, Lunch Revenue, Dinner Covers, Dinner Revenue all on separate lines on the outlet posting screen.  The problem is that Hilton is combining Breakfast Covers and Dinner Covers together along with Breakfast Revenue and Dinner Revenue together.  I am trying to have Hilton separate the Breakfast Covers from the Dinner Covers and put them on different accounting ID's, the same with the Breakfast Revenue and Dinner Revenue.

Our rep at Hilton indicates that they are separate GL Codes on Hilton's side and I cannot get it through her head that I don't use the GL code but I map using the Accounting ID code.

Has anyone else run into this problem where Hilton combines Revenue and you go and have them change it and they have no idea what you are talking about?

And if anyone has a recommendation I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted Fri, 18 Mar 2016 23:45:37 GMT by Ann Sheaffer

I may be going down the wrong trail here, but my understanding of how the data flows to M3 is as follows

  • During the day, transactions are posted to ONQ using posting codes
  • When the revenue extract is created and sent to M3, the posting codes are not used to create the revenue extract. The revenue extract is created using People Soft general ledger accounts There should be attached to every posting code a people soft General Ledger code.  When the report is generated to be sent to M3, these people soft general ledger codes are used to create the report.  Normally this process works very well for the Rooms Department.  Based on my experiences, the F&B departments are problematic.  It depends on who set up your ONQ posting codes for F&B.   In most cases, I have seen multiple posting codes set up with the same people soft general ledger account which results in the revenue extract that is sent to M3 combining all the posting codes that have the same people soft general ledger into one amount.  Unless you are using the Revenue Extract report to populate a 3rd party accounting software or are using Hilton's People Soft  software, these codes do not get used as far as I know.  So the person setting up the codes, probably just uses a people soft account that they are familiar with  to assign to every posting code.

If you have access to ONQ Operations Audit thourh the Hilton Lobby, you can look at the PMS mapping for the hotel which can be sorted by the People Soft general ledger account field.  If you see multiple posting codes going to the same People Soft general ledger account, it could be a sign of a problem.  Sometimes it is okay to have multiple items going to one people soft account if you want the amount to come over as one number to M3.

To correct this issue, the posting codes will have to mapped to a different people soft general ledger accounts.   This mapping will have to be changed by someone physically at the hotel.    As far as I know this mapping cannot be changed remotely.  When looking at the People Soft general ledger codes, pay attention to the suffix of the account.  This suffix could be USD (us dollars), RM(room nights), COV(covers),etc..   For example, account 12345USD could be Dinner Revenue and 12345COV could be Dinner Covers.

If you are having to make numerous changes to the mapping, you may want to call Hilton ONQ support and request that they suspend the one use authorization  code (this may not be the correct terminology) that is required to change the mapping for a period of time( the max amount of time maybe 2 hours)  If you do not suspend this one use code, every time you change the mapping on a PMS code, you will have to create a new one use code using ONQ's one use code generator which is a pain.

Hope this information helps you.

Posted Fri, 01 Apr 2016 00:25:41 GMT by Samuel Piazza Millcraft Hospitality Account Manager


Thank you so much for this information.  I know it has helped me a bunch and I am sure others who run into this problem will appreciate it also.

It is very hard to communicate with individuals at Hilton regarding this issue since they don't really work with 3rd party accounting firms and it is disturbing that you can hardly find anyone who will assist you.

Thanks again Ann.

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