Posted Thu, 16 Jun 2022 20:34:45 GMT by Peggy Marshall Packard Hospitality Controller
Wouldn't it make sense to have the capability of "unrolling" the DRR?  On weekends our night auditors roll the date so obviously we can get the reports out daily - but they make mistakes.  It would be so nice if we could "unroll" the date - let it create a reversing journal entry and then go ahead and make the corrections directly in the DRR (instead of in the maintenance screen) and then "reroll" the date to create a new journal entry.  In my tutoring class I was told we couldn't do this for accounting reasons - but I'm an accountant and I don't see any downside to this.  What do others think?
Posted Thu, 14 Jul 2022 19:12:00 GMT by Heather Anteck Hay Creek Hospitality System Admin
I 100% agree that this seems like a reasonable feature request. We also have the same issue with the weekend DRR's almost every weekend. Manually making the changes in the DRR module, then the GL entry and finally in the deposit created in CM leaves too many places for an error that could be solved with this feature.
Posted Sat, 16 Jul 2022 15:47:43 GMT by Dawn Coy Acct
You can set the daily report to create one journal entry at the end of the month - when this feature is used you can roll back the daily&nbsp;<br> as far as the beginning of the current month. Once the last day of the month is rolled the JE is created and you have to make the correction<br> for the entire month. Pros to this is that you can roll back and make corrections in the Daily Report and the GL reports are much shorter. Cons - (as an accountant) only one JE at&nbsp;month end, if you post in CM and then the daily is rolled backwards, your deposit postings are reversed and&nbsp;<br> new ones are created.&nbsp; I work with several properties over several databases and have both scenarios.&nbsp;<br> &nbsp;

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