• RE: Extract all data Power BI analysis

    Resurrecting this thread (timely for Halloween) as I had/have similar questions.

    As far as I know, there’s no API for M3 AC or a standard export template. Our current workaround is to export our GL transactions via the GL Activity Report, then use MS Excel/Power Query to clean the data. The columns don’t line up cleanly, so it does take some processing to get them sorted out, but Power Query made it easy to generate a script to clean the data.

    Similarly, you can use Power Query to clean and prep data from the Daily report by exporting the Daily as an Excel file. Once exported, you can generate and reuse a Power Query script to remove the headers; realign columns as needed; and generate sub-queries to isolate specific data.

    Once the data’s cleaned and prepped, you can import the Excel file into Power BI. I’m not sure which data warehouse you use, but Power BI does have many native connectors to different services.

    Hope this helps!