• RE: Editing or Clearing Older Cash Management Statements

    Unfortunately the only way to change a prior reconciliation is to delete the current and make the correction.&nbsp;<br> I've found that if I print the statement with uncleared items its quickly "redone" by creating the new one,&nbsp;<br> clearing everything and then un-clearing the items from the print out.&nbsp;<br> &nbsp;

    You can set the daily report to create one journal entry at the end of the month - when this feature is used you can roll back the daily&nbsp;<br> as far as the beginning of the current month. Once the last day of the month is rolled the JE is created and you have to make the correction<br> for the entire month. Pros to this is that you can roll back and make corrections in the Daily Report and the GL reports are much shorter. Cons - (as an accountant) only one JE at&nbsp;month end, if you post in CM and then the daily is rolled backwards, your deposit postings are reversed and&nbsp;<br> new ones are created.&nbsp; I work with several properties over several databases and have both scenarios.&nbsp;<br> &nbsp;
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