• RE: Invoice Accrual

    In the Accounting Core 5.8 Release Notes, it states the following. I don't see any other documentation for the Invoice Accrual tab in AP:
    Posted Invoice Accrual Prompt UI (Company/Property Level):
    At the Company / Property level, users with AP invoice accrual permissions will now see an action button titled “Invoice Accrual”.

    Users will be able to search by vendor, entered on date, and or invoice date.  Users will be able to select one or more invoices that return from their search, and they may enter Account details, Description details, and an accounting period date.
    Accrual JE Creation – Upon creating the accrual settings for a set of invoices, 2 journal entries will be created. The first entry will have the Type: JEAC, this will be the accrual entry. The second journal entry will be a reversal of the JERV. Both Journal Entries will be available within the Pending Journal Entry Grid.
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