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    i JE the payroll into My accrued salaries account.  Then I enter an invoice in my AP for my payroll company.  I pay the bill by ACH. 
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    Stacy   I got it.      Thanks. 
  • Payroll

    I post my payroll via JE.   I charge the Invoice to the account for my operating account (where pay is ACH from doesn't the JE Post to cash management ?   I do not see anything in cash management for the PR.  If it does not post to cash management how do I get the payroll posted into Cash Management.  

  • RE: Creditcard Bill Payment

    Peg thanks for your input. 

    I don't think I explained the method I was going to be using fully.

    I purchase items from a supplier lets say Grainger on a Net 30.   After 30 days I want to pay Grainger using the Credit Card.  Once I have paid Grainger using the CC the charge hits the statement and I pay the CC.  Now it looks like I have paid 2x

  • Creditcard Bill Payment

    We are going to be using a AMEX to pay most of our monthly bills.  How do we go about posting the Creditcard Statement in M3 for payment? What would be the proper account to use to post the AMEX charges