• RE: Sharing Dashboards

    This is a great idea! Thanks Newton!
  • Download to Excel Not Working

    If a user tries to download to Excel and receives the following error message
    An error occurred. Contact your Administrator for more information.
    The file could not be generated
    • A copied dashboard with an unused "Drill" configuration on a field causes this.
      • Remove the field and re-add.
  • Subscription Not Sticking Workaround

    If a designer tries to save their subscription settings for scheduled PDF but the settings do not persist when they reopen the share popup.
    • Export the dashboard file
    • Open the dashboard file in a text editor
    • CTRL+F and search for "custom": true
    • Delete "custom": true and the comma on the line above it
    • Save the file
    • Import the saved file and republish
  • Dashboard Limitations and Best Practices

    In this article, we are going to map some of Insight Dashboard Design Best practices related to performance. When you start developing a dashboard or when you want to simply improve its performance, take a look at the guidelines below and adjust your dashboard accordingly. 

    System Defaults and Limits

    Pivot Tables

    • Pivot tables are limited to 20 default values that can be added as column. Anything over 20 can result in performance issues. Adding multiple pivot tables or overriding the number of displayed values/columns can result in performance issues.
    • Pivot tables are limited to display a max number of 200 rows. Adding multiple pivot tables or overriding the number of displayed rows can result in performance issues.  
    • It is recommended to have no more than 2 pivot tables on a dashboard.


    • PDFs can display a max of 1000 rows from a pivot table
    • Dashboards that take longer than 5 minutes to load will not be able to be sent as a PDF due to a hard timeout controlled by the browser.  

    Dashboard Design Recommendations

    Avoid Wide Or Long Pivot Tables

    • Reduce the number of columns
    • Filter the number of rows (Top filter on value) 

    Avoid Many Members In Charts 

    • Wide X-axis in Line / Column charts
    • Many members in “break by
    • Use Drill hierarchies  

    Always Consider The Number Of Widgets

    • Recommended 7-10 widgets 
    • Consider the number of elements (filters/texts)
    • Use drill dashboards or Jump to Dashboard 

    Avoid Too Many Include/Exclude Values

    • Choose the lowest selection between the two
    • Consider using a higher hierarchy 

    Common Error Messages

    Page Unresponsive

    Page Unresponsive 
    You can wait for it to become responsive or exit the 
    _¯ Insight 


    • Wide or long pivot table. Too many columns and/or rows on a table
      • Reduce the number of columns or rows in your table
      • Consider using a dashboard filter to allow viewers to view the data in a different timeframe IE. Month selector
    • Too many rows could be a result of an account being used and displayed in multiple report item groups
      • Consider adding a background filter with a limited selection of report item groups so that repeated accounts are minimized