• RE: Invoice Accrual

    I just played with it and it's pretty easy/awesome! 

    Once you click the button, it will ask you to pick the criteria, but if you select all vendors, you can choose which ones on the next page.

    Pick what vendors you want to accrue > Pick the accounting period date (Usually EOM for accruals), and the Account should be wherever you want the accrual offset to go, like 21950 Accrued Expenses. 

    Once you hit OK, you can go look at the JEs in the GL screen.
  • Full Service Marriott (FSPMS) mapping suggestion

    Hey there hoteliers,

    Anyone on FSPMS (typically for full service Marriotts) figure out a solid way to map room nights/stats? We are currently pulling the data from market segment reports and manually inputting it in the DRR before rolling over. I would love to speed this process up somehow.