• RE: Changing Accounting Cycles to long term existing companies

    Six months later we are discussing this again. 

    Operations believes that we can have a short fiscal year in M3.  As an example, we wanted to change to calendar year beginning 1/1/2018.  Can make 5/1/2017 through 12/31/2017 be an 8 month year?  Then start a fresh new fiscal 1/01/2018 - 12/31/2018?  That way our historical data will align with our tax years and we would still be able to look at that information comparing months to months....


     Any feedback on this?

  • Changing Accounting Cycles to long term existing companies

    My company is discussing changing our fiscal periods from May 1 - April 30th to calendar year.  Has anyone else done this in M3?  Is there a guide to show me how to do it?  My first instinct is to create new companies with calendar GL periods and import the data from the from the fiscal year period companies.  

  • Import Export Utility Quick Question

    Can you import a JE without a Property ID?

  • GL Module Update Bugs

    Has anyone else noticed the following items that have come up since the GL Module updated new features?

    1. A screen will freeze during a scan upload and remain on your monitor but you can log back in and still work in another window.  (We also can open multiple windows so that we can be in other companies or properties at the same time -we like this one)

    2. After saving a JE, the cursor will not return to that JE that you were saving.  It goes back to the top of the open JE's and you have to scroll down to find the JE you were just working in.

    3. When posting a JE in a company that has more than one property, and you are posting at the property level, unfortunately it allows you to enter a GL code from the other property.  It use to only allow you to post in the GL accounts from the property you are in.

    4. You must type in 0.45 when you need to enter .45 (I saw this already documented.)