• Mobile App? Activation


    Do you have to activate the mobile app for the user in Accounting Core? I can't seem to login and very much do know my password...



  • How to attach a PDF to Acknoledge

    Good Morning,


    I have been trying for months to figure out how my accounting team could use m3 to go completely paperless and not have to print any journal entries and applicable back up for storage. The problem is we use excel and pdfs as back up and Acknowledge uses tiff files to attach. The other issue is that Acknowledge currently has a bug which does not allow for multiple journal entries to be attached at once. So to get around all that, we did a trial and eventually purchased a few licenses of a software called scanworks. Scanworks is a virtual scanner that you attach PDFs to and they come out as tiff files. M3 thinks you are using a scanner but in reality you are just attaching a PDF. I recommend trying this out and it has helped us out a lot.


    Ben Mealer

    Director of Finance


  • Bug fixes

    Does anyone have a list of the bugs that were fixed since the last update last night? I prefer not to go and test everything all over again that I found was not working and instead have a report of what was fixed...