Posted Tue, 06 Mar 2018 18:31:46 GMT by Michael Miller CWB Property Management CIO

 I have just about had it with my Epson GT-S50 scanner.  It constantly fails to pick up the paper even though it is tightly held in the rollers (which I have cleaned and cleaned).  In M3 I am always having to turn it off and on because it loses connectivity. I get scanner related Citrix crash's. 

Can anyone recommend which one of the approved scanners is the best?



Posted Tue, 06 Mar 2018 18:42:18 GMT by Michael Cheesman BA

Hello Michael,

Please visit this link, within our solution source area and this will provide the scanners that work the best with Accounting Core:

Best Regards, 


Posted Fri, 20 Aug 2021 14:31:06 GMT by Patty Welch True North Hotel Group Acct/Purchasing Assoc.
For Everyone sick of there Epson or Kodak scanners I found a great little scanner that really works with M3 accounting Core, AND its only $200.
I found it on Amazon and its called Plustek Smartoffice PS 186 . Its 25ppm/50 ipm gray 200 dpi.  I love it. It gets rid of all those empty pages and it orients the page correctly so you dont have to before saving.
As I said I love mine and have recommended it to All our Gm's. Im going to find out how to get it on M3's preffered scanner list.
Hope this helps anyone that is frustrated with the high cost scanners that simply are frustrating to use.
Patty Welch
True North Hotel Group

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