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    ability to run reports and view only items that are given a specific tag

    Suggested by Josh Westra New  1 Comments

    in order to keep record of our PPP expenses and make them easily accesible in case of an audit, we have assigned a "PPP" tag to our utility expenses that fit the criteria.  We would love to be able to run a report that allows us to select a tag and then only see items that have that tag

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    Recurring Journal Entry Pop Up Box

    Suggested by Kathryn L'Amoreaux New  0 Comments

    The new recurring Journal entry pop up box needs to be enlarged so that the full description of the recurring entry is displayed.  Also, the functionality to be able to sort the recurring entries in the pop up box based on the description needs to be added.  I have a lot of entries and have them numbered in a particular way in order to ensure that I grab them all.  In the pop up box, they aren't listed alphabetically or in any way that allows me to make sure that I am grabbing the entry or entries that I need.  I don't want to set them up with a certain date/time to generate but I would like to be able to have them listed alphabetically.

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    Import Export Utility Default should be "Journal Entry Import excel format"

    Suggested by Arif Yildirim New  0 Comments

    Import Export Utility Default is "Accounts Payable Vendors"

    I believe mostly people using  "Journal Entry Import excel format" more often

    if we can change this we can eliminate one more step. 


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    CTRL+D short Cut

    Suggested by Arif Yildirim New  0 Comments



    Uses the Fill Down command to copy the contents and format of the topmost cell of a selected range into the cells below.


    I always copy descriptions or retype them

    I wish we had this function so we can copy them with once click


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    Idea B - Up or Down Voting

    Suggested by System Administrator New  0 Comments

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    Idea A - Up or Down Voting

    Suggested by System Administrator New  0 Comments

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