Accounting Core Application Update:

On Tuesday evening, we will be releasing our Accounting Core patches for the known issues which occurred from this month’s Accounting Core Production Release. Please see below for the fixes which will be applied this Tuesday evening.


  • Multiple Bank Account mapping in the Daily Report Setup module to allow using Bank Accounts which are set to not allow the property to post (previously you could only map Bank Accounts which were set up to allow the property to post to it).
  • Enterprise Level Vendors name and details will appear in the GL reports ran at the company level.
  • Property level users will be able to code to Company Level GL Accounts for Journal Entries – they will not be able to see the details of the Company level GL Accounts.
  • Users will be able to copy the COA from one property to another
  • Changed the GL Detail Activity Report and Activity Report excel export format back to what it was prior to the Production Release

Below are the highlights of the new features from the latest Release:

The M3 team is pleased to announce our Accounting Core Production Release for Quarter 1. The following Items have been included with this release (The documentation links mentioned with the corresponding item can only be accessed AFTER logging into the M3 Help Center:

  • Daily Report – Multiple Bank Accounts
  • General Ledger Detailed Activity Report – Improved Performance when running the report. (When this report is run with this new release the typical blank screen prompt WILL NOT display immediately, however the report will be generating in the background. For an extremely large report.

This update will also include the feature below, however, this feature will not be active until a representative from your database has attended our Free Monthly Webinar. To sign up for the Intercompany AP webinar, please visit this link: