The following are the Enhancements to Accounting Core as of this latest release:

Accounting Core Release 4.4.4 Enhancements:

Check Writer:

  1. Accounting Core will now enforce the security settings that related to Invoice Payment Approval and Invoice Image, regardless of a user’s access level. (In other words, A user that has the permission to cut checks and approve payments/Attach Invoice Images will be forced to ensure that the payment has been approved/invoice is attached prior to paying the invoice in check writer.) In the event that your database does not require a payment to be approved or an image to be attached, nothing will change.
  2. Ability to back date an ACH Payment via check writer. A new payment type will exist called Prior to Current Date, this payment option will allow a user to choose a date of yesterday or as far back as the first day of the month of the prior period, in order to apply an ACH payment. (Invoice in AP must have the payment type of ACH instead of Regular and the prior period must be open for AP and GL.)
  3. Bank Account Name will now display on the Check Register Report.


Cash Management Reconciliation:

  1. Voided Checks will now clear automatically. Any historical voided checks will show cleared in the reconciliation that is most current.
  2. Voided checks will no longer display on the Cash Management Reconciliation Statement. (Please refer to the Check Writer>>Reports>>Void Checks in the event a report detailing voided checks is needed.)


Daily Report:

  1.  The Daily Activity Report now provides an option to run for a specific date range, in addition to the existing option to run for an entire month.