Dear Valued Accounting Core Customer,

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Scheduled Reports Module. We hope this module will be beneficial to you and your teams. I am writing to you to share some very important information you need to know BEFORE you adopt use of this module across your organization.

First, the scope of this module was to allow for scheduling of General Ledger and Financial Wizard reports. Other modules may be added over time. There are VERY specific considerations you need to consider when setting up report delivery packages. The selection and set up options ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what you are used to in Accounting Core. I would strongly suggest you read the attached training document and visit the help desk portal to watch the training video as well.

You will need to become very comfortable with the use of this module BEFORE releasing it to the remainder of your team. Access is controlled via the User Manager. Also note, users that have access to Scheduled Reports can Edit and Delete other report packages that were not created by them nor are they limited to viewing only ones they have access to. They can’t run reports for those entities.

Below are some tips and expectations you will need to review and understand with the use of this module.

1. All cases for assistance on this module will carry a severity of 3 LOW in priority. Troubleshooting these issues can be quite time consuming and you should always remember your reports CAN run as normal inside Accounting Core.

2. Report schedule packages should not contain more than 5 reports in them and large financial reports should be run by themselves. Limited to 10 Companies/Properties in the delivery group.

3. Reports should be scheduled to run between 4am and 8am if possible.

4. Report delivery should be selected as a link to the report not the actual attachment. There are many email restrictions applied that we can’t control. Be sure to check junk mail folder.

Click HERE to Download the Scheduled Reports Training Documentation

Scheduled Reports Webinar Video: