iOS Catalina version 10.15 Issues

Description of Problem:

  1. Customer has upgraded their MAC to the newest version of iOS (Catalina) v10.15


  1. Cannot create folders on the root drive.
  2. iOS version does not support 32-bit applications any longer. i.e. Citrix Receiver


***Please be aware that even though Accounting Core will run on iOS version 10.15 (Catalina), you will no longer be able to import, export, or upload due to security changes implemented by Apple prohibiting access to the hard drive. Below you will find some solutions that M3 has seen success with when used; however by using one of these options you will be put in a non-supported situation by M3 on your MAC computer.

  1. The enterprise path will need to be changed to a path that the MAC user can access.For example, a network drive.
  2. If the user chooses they may use a version of a Windows Parallel program, which is a program that is installed on the MAC that runs Windows as a program on top of the MAC operating system.Then set up the folder path in the Windows Parallel.
  3. The last option is to downgrade to the version High Sierra iOS version 10.13.


  • There may be changes coming as M3 learns more about this iOS version and how to overcome the current challenges.