Good day M3 Customers, 

We are pleased to let you know it is possible to reset your password on the M3 Client Portal site ( provided your username and email address have been registered in the M3 Help Center (

By registering your username, email address, and phone number, you will be able to utilize the Forgot your Password option. Also, when creating cases via the M3 Help Center or via an email to, we will have the necessary contact information to reach out to you concerning your case. Below are some of the benefits of a complete registration of your user profile on Help Center.

  • Resetting your password
  • Free Webinars on topics of interest
  • News on what is happening at M3
  • Documentation on all of our product lines
  • Creating and monitoring your cases entered for support

Please enjoy what the M3 Help Center has to offer by updating your profile with at with your name, phone number, and e-mail address so we can better serve your M3 product line needs. 

Things to know for utilizing the Forgot your Password feature:
1) If an email is not received, this likely means the email address associated with your username is not the one you are expecting. To get this updated, one of your M3 System Administrators (or Corporate users) will need to contact M3 to have the password reset so you can then go update the email address in the M3 Help Center.
2) The email address setup in Accounting Core User Manager is not what is utilized for Password Reset emails.
3) Once the email is received containing the link, you can only click on the link one time. If you click on it a 2nd time, the link will no longer provide a temporary password.
4) When you enter the temporary password and enter it to login, the next screen will ask for a new permanent password. This password cannot be one that has been used in the past 6 months for the account and also must be at least 8 characters long containing at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number. Please refrain from using special characters.

Thank you,
Your M3 Support Team.