Accounting Core : Monday May 4th, 2020 : Release 4.9 : 10 PM Eastern

We at M3 hope each and everyone of you, your family and work family are doing well during this time of Covid 19.

We are pleased to announce on Monday, May 4th, 2020 Accounting Core will be releasing version 4.9.  Below is the timeline that we request you share with all M3 users in your organization.

Monday, May 4th Eastern Time

  • 9:30 PM we request all users save their work and begin the process of closing their Accounting Core sessions.
  • Starting 10PM until approximately Midnight (12 AM May 5th) access will be blocked to update Accounting Core to release 4.9.
  • Once completed access to Accounting Core will be re-established.

Technical Support is here to answer any questions or concerns please reach out to us at your earliest Convenience

Here are a few enhancements that M3 hopes will add value to your daily use of Accounting Core.

General Ledger:

  • Post Immediately
  • Copy existing journal entries

Accounts Payable:

  • Approve for payment: Threshold approval limits
  • Up to 12 default GL accounts per vendor

Cash Management

  • Post Immediately
  • Register: Ability to Copy Deposit, withdrawals and Credit card entries
  • Filtering by deposit type and cleared status when reconciling a bank statement

Daily Report

  • Post GL, CM or both at rollover
  • Suspending the daily report for a date range or no end date.