• Accounting Core Patch Release TONIGHT (Thurs 9/29)

    M3 will be completing an Accounting Core Patch Release tonight (Thursday 9/29) beginning at 8pm ET. Users might be asked to save work and log off their Accounting Core session, but they should be able to get back into Accounting Core within a few minutes. Tonight’s release will be correcting the issues found from last week’s Accounting Core Release. 

    • Check Printers missing/not being able to add a check printer
    • Check Layout adjusted *this may mean after the release, if you had adjusted the layout since last week, it might need to be changed back within Accounting Core*
    • Not able to print Check Copies
    • Not able to email out ACH Vouchers
    • Printers not mapping correctly

  • PMS Processing Issues (Email delivery only) UPDATE--Emails now flowing, will be delayed

    10:15am ET--Baracuda Networks were able to resolve the issue on their side and we now see emails flowing through. It may take up to a couple of hours for the emails to come in and populate in Accounting Core.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Accounting Core 5.6 Release: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 8 PM (Eastern)

    M3 Accounting Core Release *Important Info

    We are excited to release Accounting Core 5.6 to production with a date of  Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 8 PM (Eastern) with potential downtime until 5 AM Wednesday, Sept 21, 2022.

    • General Ledger Trial Balance - Extended now provides the ability to filter on a single or range of accounts.
    • Bank Account, AP and 1099 sensitive information is now encrypted.
    • Auto Bank Reconciliation is enabled with the latest in Banking security requirements
    • Positive pay customers will have a new batch run export
    • Check Writer Layouts now offers the ability to Vendor Account Number on the stub or check.
    • Formulas in Financial Designer or Daily report provides a key word search filter

  • September 2022 Free Group Webinars

    M3 offers free monthly group webinars. Please continue reading for details.

  • Happy New Year! Accounting Core Reminders

    YEAR END HINTS: OPEN Fiscal Year 2022

    As of 1/1/22, in AP, Check Writer, GL, and Cash Mgt, to see entries from 2021, use the + sign within the Accounting Core Module (above Arrow of Scroll Bar on Right Hand Side of the Screen --- Immediately above where Data would List - Underneath Chart of Account button, except for in Check Writer).

    1099/1096-M3 does not support printing on the Pressure Seal 1099 Format or the NCR Formatted 1099. Please reach out to Support with any questions.

    Thank you,
    M3 Support

  • M3 Update Thursday 12/9/2021

    M3 UPDATE - December 9, 2021

    Dear Valued Customer, 

    To submit a support case, please email techsupport@m3as.com. 

    PMS Processing: PMS that comes to M3 via email is functional. We are working with Oracle towards resolving Opera processing. We are aware of the message when trying to update the credentials in Opera that reads Connection could not be Established which appears to be happening for Opera Versions older than 5.6. While we continue to troubleshoot, feel free to email the Opera files to opera@m3link.net and the files will automatically process. PMS Daily Processing Instructions

  • M3 Releases New Labor Management Mobile App!

    Click on the Headline for more information! M3 is excited to introduce the M3 Labor mobile application. Check out the video below for a quick peak.


    With the goal of bring end users closer to the information they need on a regular basis, our first version provides:

    • An Employee mobile access to their accumulated weekly timesheet punch information, and weekly schedule information. This streamlines their visibility directly to their mobile handset, in addition to the existing access from the tablet time clock at the property.
    • A Property Manager mobile access to labor performance by job category, for key defined time periods or custom date ranges. An ongoing view to “Who’s on the clock?” at their property, along with accumulated hours and the mobile ability to Edit employee punches without the need to log into the web application.
  • M3 Accounting Core: May 18th Accounting Core Release 5.2

    Greetings M3 Customers,

    We are pleased to announce the upcoming release to production of Accounting Core 5.2.   Our marketing team has provided to System Administrator the release notes however if these were not received our technical support team would be happy to provide them via a case submission here on the Help Center.

    The release is schedule to begin at 9 PM Eastern and last for approximately two hours.  We wanted to share a few of the changes to the Accounting Core application.

    • Modules: Check Writer will be renamed to Payment Wizard.   With the advent of multiple process to pay vendor invoices, ePay, Check, ACH, VCC, CSI the terminology aligns with the over all functionality.  This naming convention has already been completed within the module.
    • Import/Export Utility:  Will be updated to XLSX (excel) formatting.   We have produced a Webinar that can be found on the M3 Help Center, and Tech Support will conduct another free webinar on Monday, May 17, 2021 at 9 AM Eastern. Please feel free to sign up to go over the changes.

    Thank you,
    M3 Technical Support

  • Accounting Core : Import/Export Utility: Ending support for XLS formatted templates and imports : Release DATE Tuesday, May 18, 2021 (9 PM Eastern)

    Dear M3 Customers,

    Microsoft has ended support for the excel XLS format.  M3 will be removing and ending the ability to import the MS Excel XLS format.  The current supported version of excel XLSX format is available.  We would recommend reviewing your current M3 Import Export Utility templates and update any XLS formatted templates ahead of the scheduled mid-May  release.  During this anticipated release date the excel XLS templates and ability to import will be removed.

    If there are any questions please either contact Tech Support or their will be a free webinar on May 17, 2021 feel free to sign up here at the Help Center.

    M3 Support

  • Need a new Podcast?? Check out M3 Minutes!

    Are you looking for a new podcast? Would you like to learn more about how to use M3 or some of the cool things M3 is doing? Check out our new podcast, M3 Minutes! Click HERE to access our latest podcasts.