• RE: Great working Scanner

    Thank you Patty!
    We will try to get one of these scanners in to test so that we can add it to our preferred scanners list. 

    Thank you,
    M3 Support
  • RE: How to add account numbers to the reports

    Hi Vanessa,

    I have created a case as while the process is straight forward it can also be intimidating at first. A technician can help assist you through all the steps. Below are the basics behind adding a GL account to a financial report layout.
    • Create the account number in the GL
    • Select the add to Financial Setup before saving the account in GL module. This will update setup and save a step
    • Maintenance : Financial Designer: Layout.
    • Select the report: Select Edit : Find the account on the left, and place it using the > (arrow) to push it to the right. 
    • Note: Account will fill in right below the row you have selected in the report.
    I hope this helps and one of our techs will reach out on this matter via the case that was created on your behalf.

    M3 Support
  • RE: Auto Posting

    Good Morning Tina,

    To aide in providing information on auto posting I have created a case (CAS-321602-Y9B9Z6) so that one of our M3 Support Specialists can discuss with you any questions beyond what is contained here.

    Auto Posting can be set up for the DR, AP, CM and GL modules.  
    • DR:  Property level : Advanced button: Daily Report button.  Here it is possible to specify :  GL, CM or both to post immedately.
    • GL, AP and CM can be setup to post immediately using the Advanced button. 
    • To accomplish this task access to these area's will be needed.
    Thank you,
    Tech Support
  • RE: How do you delete an account from the default chart of accounts?

    Hi Jania,

    Yes it is possible to delete accounts from the Default COA.   Below are the steps
    • Maintenance : Companies : enterprise level
    • Edit : Advanced button: GL COA tab
    • Select the grey box a little triangle will appear.
    • Select delete and the row will go away.
    • Select OK and remember to save.
    We would be glad to step you through this if needed just let us know via a Case here on Help Center.

  • RE: Declining Checkbook

    Good Morning Amy,

    I have attached - the directions for setting up a Declining Checkbook. I will also create a case for this in your name and forward the directions .

  • RE: Journal Entry Import Excel Format


    From the original post am gathering you are receiving the data from Paylocity and are charged with manually entering the data. If that is the case you can use the Modules: Import/Export Utility:  Journal Entry Import XLS file.   When this is imported into the GL the view and printing will be the same as any GL Journal entry that is printed.   

    I do have a question are you using M3 Time Management for your employees to record your time? If so we can check with Time Management Implementation to see if there is the possibility of working with Paylocity to get an automated import in place.

    If you need further assistance on this import please contact Tech Support via a case submission here on the Help Center,

  • RE: Invoice Tagging - is this functional yet? Accounting Core 4.10 Release 05/27/20

    Good Morning Michael

    AP Tags :  To use this feature access to the enterprise level : Advanced :  Tag window will be needed to set up the tag names.  Once they are set up they will become available to use in the AP module.   This will usually be setup by the system administrator.

    I have created case : CAS-282243-K4L6T4 to have the technical documents sent to you - shortly.  However I have attached the document to this forum if you are able to download.

  • RE: When to adjust Accounting Period Date

    Hi Cody,

    Accounting Core allows as long as the accounting period is opened to submit invoices for not only the current period but also past and previous periods.    Thus as long as the August period is opened for both AP and GL, entering invoices that need to be entered in August can be entered and posted. This way they reflect the correct period.

    I have created a Case for this - as I want to make sure you have the information needed to assure these invoices are entered as needed. 

    Case number :  CAS-278740-K8H7P5


    Wil -
    Technical Support

  • RE: Check Writer - Test button not there

    Hi Peter,

    The Print Test Check option will be available once you select the invoices to print checks for. When you are on the Edit List screen, once you click on Next after choosing the invoices, the next screen will be Ready to Print and you will see the option there to Print Test Check.

    Thank you,
    M3 Support


  • RE: Setting automatic border detection failed Error: Invalid parameter

    Hi Melissa,

    This error normally means that the scanner is not compatible to scan directly from Accounting Core. The option to scan to your computer and then attach via a specified folder will work. If you have questions on how to set up that folder and attach images from there, please submit a case and we will be happy to walk you through those steps.

    Thank you,
    M3 Support