• RE: Quarterly Reporting

    Hello Steve, 

    The Process you have asked for is possible. I have create a support case (you should be receiving an email with a case number). Our support team will try and contact you today, to show you how the format mentioned above can be set-up.

  • Solution Source Now Available on the M3 Help Desk Website

    Please visit our Solution Source  area for Solutions to common AccKnowledge issues that are reported. The Solution Source area will be updated on a regular basis. If there is a certain topic you would like to see, please post in this thread and I will see how we can accommodate the request.

  • RE: How to attach a PDF to Acknoledge

    Hello Ben,


    Thank you for the information you have provided, our technical team will be looking into the item you have mentioned to confirm it is a viable option that we can relay to other users that may express interest in going towards a paperless option. 


    Also, please note that the document system will accept PDF's to attach to files, in addition to TIFF formatted file, using the Browse and attach options.


    Michael Cheesman

    M3 Tech Support