Will there ever be an option to only close AP at the property level vs. how it is currently at the corp level only? It seems like you could just add more columns under "Companies -> Advanced -> Periods" named 'Open AP at Prop Level' and 'Open AP at Corp Level'. That way you wouldn't have to worry about user access issues at the property level because it would all be handled under Corp. but just flow down to the property depending on what option you checked/unchecked. The problem we have is that a couple important invoices are received and entered at the corp. level AFTER our AP "closes" for the property staff so we have to leave AP open even though we told the property it is closed which results in some of the staff at the property figuring out that they actually can can enter invoices after the close date which can mess with the entries that accounting is making causing unnecessary accruals, updates to GHP that affect flex/flow calculations if you don't constantly rerun the p&l, etc. 

If this is not in the pipeline, please add it as a suggested idea by a customer. :)